Licensing with Clips Coupons

The goal of our company continues to aim toward expanding the number of markets with the help of interested entrepreneurs and to help individuals who show the passion and determination to build a successful market (s) through the use of our proven tools and corporate support.

Why get involved with Clips Coupons?

In today’s economy, working for someone else is not the most secure job you can have. However, by owning your own business, you determine the amount of time, effort, and success your business will obtain. There are many positive aspects that come along with licensing a Clips Coupon market(s).

First, Clips Coupons is already a recognizable and established name. For more than 30 years our brand holds a positive and strong reputation in the markets we service. We, as the company, also know the ins and outs of coupon marketing and support our markets with the tools needed to continue receiving positive results. Second, as a Licensee, you have a support system able to provide valuable information on how to properly run your market, provide you with the tools to introduce the Clips Coupon books to potential advertisers, and give you the means to create, print, and distribute your own coupon publication. Last, this is a business allowing you to work a flexible schedule, make the desired income you want to earn, plus provide a security knowing you are the boss who will reap the many benefits of being in charge of your future.

More Questions, check our Licensing FAQ's HERE

To open a market of your own, there are a few things you will need to complete.

  1. Complete the application so we can learn who you are and see how you fit within our company model ensuring your success.
  2. Select an available community you believe the Clips Coupons book will thrive in.
  3. Upon approval of Clips accepting your application, you are required to create a business entity and establish a place to work from.
  4. Next, with our help, create the necessary marketing tools needed to introduce Clips Coupons to Local business owners.

Once you have successfully started your market, you will be responsible for initiating and continuing communication with the local business who may want to advertise with you.

Clips Coupon Group, will provide you with the needed tools for printing and distribution, as well a graphic artist if you so wish to use them for creating creative ads for your book. Below are the estimated fees that would be included when opening and running a Clips market.

  • Initial Area License Fee / $3,500 - $10,000
  • Yearly License Fee / $500 – $1500