Licensing FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Clips offers a full page (approximately 5 x 7), color ad to every customer. The book is distributed to nearly 170,000 households every quarter throughout Southeast Michigan.

The license is based on the overall area and depth of resources. Many market investments start out at an average of $5000. These are markets with strong potential, many businesses within a target area with a home count of 10,000 – 15,000 per market.

Your success is critical to the team! Every current license holder is here to help you succeed along with the help from the corporate office. We meet regularly and discuss the conditions of each market every quarter. These meetings are volunteer, but are important to your success.

No. We have no fee in addition to what you spend for print and distribution.

Unlike many business opportunities we don’t require a net worth statement or financial reports. We do, however, recommend you have resources to help you for the first few months as building anything new requires time. When you sell, we recommend you start strong and ask clients for upfront deposits of 50% when they agree to advertise. This will help you when it comes time to print the book (s) as those payments are required 4 weeks before distribution.

We don’t. Since you are the owner of the licensed market, you are responsible for collections and payments for services rendered. From time to time we may select to work with someone on a shared License ownership so payments arrangements may be made. Inquire with your Clips Coupon Representative for further information.

Currently we have several area license in the state of Michigan. We are planning to open 25 new markets in the next 365 days to help continue building the brand recognition and help everyone secure more advertisers.

Many of the current license have multiple markets due to their own success. Markets are based on two key factors, Home and Business Count within a geographical area.

Fill out the Application and let us know the area you are familiar with and would like to start selling in. We can verify the eligibility, pull the market information for you, and help determine the viability of the area.

Yes. Part of the initial fee gives you a seasoned representative to work with for a period of time to help get you started and introduce your market to Clips Coupons. We meet as a group regularly to share information and to help each other become more successful.

You will need business cards, agreements and sell sheets. The cost for the start up kit is $150.

You do. It’s your business. A Clips Owner will advise and help you to understand the cost associated with your market so you can determine what the charge should be. Currently we are about 30% less than our competitor for a full page ad in their book. Many of the markets are charging only $290 per ad.

Initial agreement is for 2 years with a 1 year renewal, unless other terms are reached.

You can. The applicant will go through the same process you did when you came in to determine whether they are approved.

We have seen markets launch right away. Much depends on you, the rest depends on market perception you create. Nothing is easy and Clips will take some work, but when you start clicking, it’s a matter of keeping clients happy, setting the right expectation and asking for the renewal. Prospecting is a large part and being involved in the community helps too.

We don’t require prior selling experience but it is very helpful. Past sales experience is great because you will understand what NO means and not get frustrated or take the response personal. No really means you have not shown the customer the value or they did not understand what you’re selling. We will help you get started as your success is our mission. Therefore, we don’t want anyone who wants to be successful fail.

A lot is based on individual’s work ethics, ability to sell and ability to make people happy. An average market can earn more than $3000 per edition. Also, with the recent acquisition made by Quick Silver Marketing Solutions of Clips Coupons Group, we now offer more products to sell resulting in more profits for you.