Start Advertising

Start Advertising

Ready to get started but not sure where to start?
Clips Coupons Group & Quick Silver Marketing Solutions continues to successfully help owners grow their local businesses strategy and provide quality advertisements sent to targeted residential homes via print and online mediums.

Together, with your commitment and participation, we want to be a part of your improvement process aiding in building the profitability of our advertisers while providing the community with money-saving coupons and special values they can use and share with their family.

Everyone knows the importance of getting deals and offers in front of potential customers by way of advertising but many don't know how to start or determine how affordable advertising can be. Moreover, many small business owners fail to set aside the required budget to create an effective launch, promote events and show and tell new products during a sustaining or slower economy.

Many large studies are done by companies such as Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine and, and all agree advertising (Internet, Print and Direct Mail) should be a part of the plan. A good measure of the financial obligation to be successful state owners should allocate 3-5% of net sales their marketing plan. Doing such will allow companies to maintain a consistent plan and one which can show measurable results vs. those who put in place a “shotgun” approach which rarely gives back a measurable return to the businesses’ bottom line.

Get in touch with one of Licensees and learn how they can help you grow your business and build a marketing plan toward success. We look forward to working with you.